Nathan Seeckts


Acoustic folk story-teller Nathan Seeckts creates sing-a-long tales filled with memorable characters and engaging storylines. Inspired by artists such as Paul Kelly, Ben Nichols and Bruce Springsteen.

“Whether it's stories about decaying buildings and long forgotten landmarks around where I grew up, to dancing to old records as the summer sun sets slowly in the west, or thoughts that’ve popped into my head as I’m sitting in a carpark staring out across the bay at the Melbourne skyline, these are tales that come from where I live. The place that I call home”

Nathan's songs have graced many stages across Australia in the last little while on the back of his latest self released solo project 'A Man Possessed' which perfectly showcase his heartfelt narratives which speak loudly of personal experiences.

Having also completed a run of dates on a North American tour in late 2016, Nathan makes a welcome return to the Boomerang Stage at this years' edition of  Unplugged.