Karl S. Williams

The music of Karl S. Williams is born of a desire to connect with the universal soul.

Hailing from  Queensland, Karl’s journey  has seen him  criss cross Australia via roads travelled and some less so. He has built a reputation as a solo bluesman, when his authentic dirty ‘30s American south, red-eyed blues sounding stuff is rolled out, it showcases an expansive vocal range which  is almost as impressive as his fearsome beard.

Born at a young age into a non-musical family, and named after a criminal from the future, none can be bothered to unravel the twisted line that led Karl S. Williams to The Blues and perverted him into a guitar-slinging, banjo-wielding freak with a penchant for Hell fire, Heavenly salvation, and writing about himself in the third person.

Mr. Willams’ connection to the universal soul is clearly evident to those who see Karl perform live; an experience so emotionally charged that all are unavoidably drawn to it and uplifted.

His debut album Heartwood was originally released independently last year but found its way into the hands of the good people at the Warner Music label imprint, Footstomp Records. 
It will surely find its’ way into the hands & hearts of NaranaFest attendees in no time at all.