New generation Indigenous Australian artist Yirrmal, from North-East Arnhem Land, is making a refreshing entrance into the music scene.. Inspired by heroes Yothu Yindi, as a carrier of the legacy, Yirrmal fuses tradition and contemporary with class and passion. Performing as a solo artist, and with group Yirrmal & The Yolngu Boys.

"Yirrmal and the Yolngu Boys have the magic, they played an amazing set, the crowd grew and grew, the standing ovation and applause that just wouldnt stop summed it all up more than words could." - Carlo Santone, Label, Manager & Artist, Blue King Brown.

Yirrmal Marika, a young Yolngu man from the community of Yirrkala, is an aspiring songwriter and guitarist with a beautiful voice, singing songs about his homeland and culture with feeling and depth beyond his years.

"We're living in two worlds, learning in two worlds, carrying a message, a sharing of culture. We're exploring new horizons with our sound, mixing western styles with our traditional song, adding a new dimension to music.
We aim to set an example for Indigenous youth, and to be being strong, positive role models for the young generation." Yirrmal States.

Yirrmal is related to Geoffery Gurrumul Yunupingu on his mother’s side, and his father, Witiyana Marika, was a singer and dancer in Yothu Yindi. The Yolngu boys, Dion, Jerol and Seviro Wunungmurra have extensive knowledge of traditional Yolngu “Manikay” songs, and are excellent singers, dancers and didgeridoo “yidaki” players.

"Yirrmal and the Yolngu Boys are pure talent and I can see big things in store for these guys! They beautifully mix the contemporary sounds of acoustic guitar and Yirrmal’s exquisite vocals with their traditional Yolngu Manikay songs and dance. Music is what these boys are born to do and I’m excited by the understanding and education that will arise in the wider community from them being able to share it" - Jess Fairfax, Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Yirrmal is connecting a new found sound and engaging the hearts of all who are lucky enough to hear him. This is something to look out for as he begins to make his mark.

Having featured at NaranaFest in 2015 & headlined Narana Unplugged II earlier this year his debut EP is perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year.