Cafe Narana

Café Narana is one of Geelong’s hidden gems, with a brand new breakfast and lunch menu featuring dishes inspired by native ingredients and Indigenous flavours.

Serving specialty Seven Seeds Coffee,  Narana has become a popular dining destination, for locals and visitors alike, seeking a cafe experience with a difference.

We recently introduced a brand new selection of freshly baked housemade Indigenous inspired cakes - for 'coffee n cake' with a twist.

Think wattleseed scones with wild rosella jam and finger lime whipped cream, finger lime cakes, finger lime white chocolate lamingtons, indulgant chocolate brownies and syrupy quondong puffs to name a few!

The dining area in its' unique native garden setting and our cafe's striking ceiling mural, is just a small part of the total Narana experience.

Our Kids' Corner complete with chalkboard, books & activities as well as our Adventure Playground are always a hit with the little ones.

Sit outside and take in your surrounds from the sunny alfresco deck or venture indoors where the fireplace becomes a sought after spot during the cooler months.





Cafe Narana

Mon:        9am - 4pm (coffee & cake only)
Tues-Fri:  9am - 4pm
Sat:          9am - 3pm


PH:   (03) 5241 5700
FAX: (03) 5241 5711